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WISS AFRICA specialises in consulting, training and implementation of solutions in the fields of telecommunications, digital and innovation, innovation management, assistance in setting up digital services platforms (e-health, e-government, e-education)..

WISS AFRICA offers its clients a set of training courses to enable them to "Succeed in the present, prepare for the future" and develops its activities according to three main axis:

  • Understanding the issues and mastering technologies,

  • Succeeding its digital transformation,

  • Focus on people

Thanks to its managerial and technical skills and its experience in the fields of digital and innovation, as well as its network of partners, WISS AFRICA supports its clients in all phases of their projects: idea generation and Concepts, design and construction of solutions, implementation and evaluation.


"The training Introduction to digital transformation, Big Data and IoT jointly delivered by Philippe Coulot (OXATIS) and Patrick Giry-Deloison (SaMaTransformation) combines their technology expertise and their business experience into a top quality programme.  Participants appreciate the very interactive format, based on practical cases from various industry sectors and their global vision.  Philippe and Patrick animate this training by relying on the participants' collective intelligence and create a very positive and value creating momentum. 


This programme is a major fixture in our catalog to address our customers' request to understand and master the business and technological challenges of digital transformation."

Samba Sene, Founder and General Manager, WISS AFRICA


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