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Self Disruption Track


The Self-Disruption Track (SDT) is the first structured approach to identify opportunities for action by leveraging the collective intelligence of the teams in the context of disruption, to chart a development path.


It is a collaborative innovation process in which management team members play the role of "disruptors" of their own company.


The participants in the SDT imagine how - with the appropriate technical, financial and human means - they would act to enter this market and "disrupt" it by taking advantage of undue rent, technological discontinuities, new uses, regulatory changes, needs little or poorly addressed ... any means at their disposal to change the market in depth and create a sustainable business.

B2B Sales & Marketing


B2B business development is based on an intimate relationship with the key accounts representing 80% of the, turnover, and more in terms of margin. Intimacy with the customer, decision makers, users and ecosystem is organized in a unique marketing approach.


We support our customers in the design and execution of their key accounts marketing plan with budgets and resources for superior performance. We make them benefit from our knowledge of the practices most relevant to their business and of innovations from other sectors. For efficient use of their resources, customers optimise their operational programmes.


With an integrated marketing approach of their key accounts, companies position themselves as a trusted advisor of their clients.

Commercial Partnerships


No company can achieve its sales and profitability goals alone, all need an ecosystem of business partners that is both efficient and sustainable. Why? Because there is a need to conquer new markets domestically and internationally, develop new products and services, provide integrated solutions ... while resources are limited.

Developing a network of business partners cannot be improvised. It is a strategic lever that, to be effective, must be well thought out from the outset and perfectly deployed.

We support our customers at all stages of the process: definition of objectives, evaluation of the most suitable partner (s) (resale, service delivery, training, indirect or influenced sales, ...), implementation of an operational governance and relevant performance indicators, training of partner management teams, operational monitoring in close collaboration with sales management.

Value Proposals


We work with client teams to discover and develop what is truly unique and relevant in the company’s offering to key market segments. We allow them to refine the understanding that underlies its sustainable competitive differentiation with regard to issues of the customers' decision makers.


We build, together with the sales and marketing forces, value proposals specific ​​to the company and its target markets. We structure the collective knowledge through robust tools based our field experience and participate in the development of a methodology for collaborative work to ensure the effectiveness of the process.


The clarity and relevance of customized value proposals ​​connect the company and its clients in a unique relationship.

Strategic Marketing


A strategic marketing approach is necessary for a successful business to transform and develop in the international competition.


We support the C-suite in its implementation of effective tools and methods to translate its strategic vision into an operational set-up. We work together in defining products, markets and channels. mixes centred around the customers, we ensure they are consistent with the financial goals of the company.


By implementing a process based on the development of the company’s and its partners’ knowledge, we enable it to re-enforce its sustainable competitive differentiation in line with its strategic vision.

Customer Communications


The company must connect customer needs with its know-how to develop a useful conversation for both parties. We provide our clients with our experience in communications to make a pragmatic use of digital tools and interactions between people.


We implement practical tools and methods of communication throughout the sales process to generate opportunities and convert them into sales. Aligning marketing and sales processes and programs around shared objectives ensures effectiveness of actions and investments.


The project-oriented approach ensures the consistency of communication with clients over time, regardless of the channel.

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