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Technicolor is a worldwide technology and services leader in the media and entertainment sector. Within the Group, Connected Home offers a wide range of solutions to Pay-TV operators and network service providers for the delivery of digital entertainment, data, voice, and smart home services. As part of its growth strategy, Technicolor acquired Cisco’s Connected Devices business. Thanks to this major acquisition and to the continuous success of its portfolio of advanced solutions, the Connected Home division accounted for more than half of Technicolor’s revenues in the 1st quarter 2016.


In support of Technicolor’s Drive 2020 strategic growth plan and to leverage further the expansion of the scope and capabilities of Connected Home, a new Strategy, Business Development & Marketing (SBDM) organization was established within Connected Home to identify and nurture mid- to long-term development programs. The SBDM function demanded innovative process to execute this mission, combining agility with business effectiveness.



"We approached SaMaTransformation to define some key processes as we set up the new function. We wanted to move quickly and leverage best practice from beyond our own industry. We are always looking to find new ways to balance between creativity and scalability.


Patrick Giry-Deloison’s pragmatism in leveraging our own capability and his wide experience allowed us to converge very quickly on an operating model that our team and stakeholders believed met our specific needs. The team appreciated the collaborative methodology that made the best of their know-how, while still delivering a robust end-product."

Alan Mottram, Senior Vice President Strategy, Business Development & Marketing – Technicolor Connected Home


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