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With revenues of €1.3Bn, 250,000 customers and 7,300 employees, Loxam is the market leader in equipment rental. For 50 years, Loxam has focused exclusively on equipment rental. In February 2017, the company acquired the British based international firm Lavendon (present in the United Kingdom, continental Europe and the Middle East) and now owns the 3rd largest fleet of powered access equipment worldwide. Based in Paris, France, Loxam now operates in over 21 countries.


In preparation of its integration into the newly formed Powered Access Division of Loxam, the French management team, a collaboration between Loxam Access and Lavendon France, launched a fast-track sales and marketing programme to identify and seize growth opportunities. The intent was to build on Lavendon’s successful track record and proactively boost the business.


"Our first challenge was to gain deep and exclusive customer insight, going beyond the surface, and to give colour to the numbers that our teams were collecting.


The second one was to make sense of the hard and soft data to enhance our value propositions in order to reinforce our attractiveness to existing and future customers: all this in a rental market that has the reputation of being a commodity business where price is the #1 differentiator.


The third was to achieve this in a very short period.


We turned to SaMaTransformation to help us implement the best and most relevant methods throughout the process, building a platform for the future in collaboration with our teams.


Patrick Giry-Deloison immediately understood our requirements and proposed the SaMaTransformation “Argumentaire” methodology to answer two critical important questions: “What is keeping our customers awake at night?” and “What are we doing to help them sleep better?”.


His business experience in different industries and his ability to engage with decision-makers ranging from the manager-owner of a small industrial joinery company to the senior purchaser and directors of large organisations brought us invaluable insight into our customers.


Our marketing department, the sales team and Patrick worked hand-in-hand to build our comprehensive marketing strategy and integrated sales plans to realise the deliverables that were actionable, sustainable and scalable with measurable ROI.


We value Patrick’s personal engagement in always ensuring that the customer is at the centre of all the activities and for “walking the talk” himself. This pragmatic customer-centric focus mind set is of particular importance in a post M&A context like ours as it federates the energies around a shared goal: serving the customer and the customer’s customer."

 Phil Wainwright, Group Development Director, Powered Access Division – Loxam

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