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IER - Blue Solutions, a subsidiary of Bolloré Group, is the leader in optimisation solutions and secure flow of goods and people. In this context, IER has developed terminals, self-service terminals and the identification and location systems that allowed it more recently become a key player in the car-sharing market, initiated with the Autolib' service in Paris.


The company operates in a highly competitive global market. It is dominated by industrial groups both in IER's traditional business (air, traceability) IER in the new markets of electric urban mobility - known under the Blue Solutions brand. The general manager had decided to create a Strategic & Operational Marketing function as part of its transformation. SaMaTransformation accompanied them in the definition and formulation of value propositions to customers and prospects, the development of tools and products and solutions portfolio management methods, the constitution of the team and in the production of marketing plans and programmes.



"Thanks to the work done in collaboration with Patrick Giry-Deloison, IER - Blue Solutions has established a strategic marketing approach based on market best practices, adapting them to our dynamics and context.


The frugal approach of SaMaTransformation is pragmatic, operational and immediately applicable by the product and sales teams. It allowed us to accelerate our transition to the solution model, while bringing a new dynamic to our team, and to successfully grow our business."


Frédéric Dittmar, Managing Director Autolib Paris, Indianapolis & London, Blue Solutions - Groupe Bolloré


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