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The creations of Ateliers Dinand are famous worldwide. Always in perfect harmony with the fragrance, often daring, their bottles refer to the demanding world of perfume and cosmetics. For 45 years, they have developed more than 1000 lines of perfumes or scents and collaborated with the biggest French brands. Proud of their history, the Ateliers Dinand are now at the forefront of developments in the perfume, cosmetics and makeup.


 Ateliers Dinand is a small business with the ambition to expand its customer base into new sectors and accelerate its international growth despite financial and human resources constrained. SaMaTransformation accompanied them in the development of this strategy and its operational validation with field tests, as well as its market repositioning in an agile approach.


"Ateliers Dinand have benefited from Patrick Giry-Deloison's support to help us change our image and customer approach in the competitive market of international design agencies of the perfume industry. The SaMaTransformation operational advisory service was particularly helpful to win new contracts.


By idientifying very concrete, specific and targeted actions SaMaTransformation puts best practices of larger corporations, including marketing, within reach of SMEs. The availability and flexibility of Patrick are ideal for how our agency works and met our need for a dynamic transformation.


Géraldine Mézières, CEO, Ateliers Dinand


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