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DISRUPTION-TRANSFORMATION: exercise to stay fit!

Every company is exposed to the risk of technological, regulatory, environmental, human disruption ... The manager's responsibility is to anticipate these profound changes and turn them into strategic opportunities. The SaMaTransformation Self-Disruption Journey* is a structured approach to the emergence of avenues of action by taking advantage of the collective intelligence of the teams in order to chart the course of development.


"Fear is a bad counselor" and the problem is not whether "The Barbarians are attacking ..." as announced by The Family or if "Everybody is afraid to be uberized" as the president of Publicis, Maurice Lévy. The challenge is to drive the development of the company in an environment undergoing radical and unpredictable changes, to make the right decisions to anticipate and cushion disruptions and to take advantage of them to create lasting value.

However, beyond these slogans there are legitimate fears in the face of profound changes in societies and markets. The digital revolution is largely responsible for this, but the arrival of generations X, Y and Z - to aspirations and behaviors so different from those of the baby boomers - also poses formidable challenges for women and men in charge of a company.

What are the leaders doing? They have traditionally taken a number of steps to defend themselves against major changes in their clients, businesses, business models or technologies. But it is no longer enough to improve the existing system and be more efficient, in particular by reducing costs. The use of sectoral or functional experts, managerial training, Bpifrance involvement, acquisition of start-ups, innovation initiatives such as hackatons are now part of the tools used by SME as large corporation managers to prepare for the future.

To these means is now added a different approach, based on self-disruption, which invites the participants to:

  • Co-build with the company's strengths and fully exploit buried knowledge;

  • Change posture, move from negative to positive, allow leaders to play a different role;

  • Draw up the stakes by taking height in a secure and benevolent setting;

  • Dare to leave one's sector, trade, territory;

  • Break down and streamline the flow of ideas and energies;

  • Be frugal and agile;

  • Allow oneself to fail and progress step by step.

Self-disruption complements and strengthens strategic and operational devices. It promotes co-creation and collaboration in a positive approach and integrates it in the context of each company.

The Self-Disruptive Journey * (SDJ) is a collaborative innovation process in which members of the management team act as "disrupters" of their own business. We accompany SDJ participants to imagine how - with appropriate technical, financial and human means - they would act to enter this market and "disrupt" it by taking advantage of undue rents, technological discontinuities, new uses, regulatory developments, badly addressed needs ... of any legal means at their disposal to change the situation in depth and create a lasting business.

The SDJ is a co-active process that puts:

  • The company in motion in a positive approach and helps to decompartmentalize the functioning of the organization by promoting sustainable sharing and exchange.

  • The management team in a position to project themselves into the future by identifying action lines, strategic options and anticipatory scenarios.

By adopting a positive attitude to the risks of disruption, the company mobilises its forces to take advantage of its collective intelligence and to discover innovative development opportunities to take control of its future.

The SDJ is a "journey". It adapts and continues in the long term so that the company derives all the benefits, transforms its corporate culture and delivers lasting results. Practicing it becomes a discipline that maintains the competitiveness of the company through collective innovation.

* Self-Disruption Journey is a SaMaTransformation brand

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